New approach, new cover for Kindle print edition and of course.. more labour for yours truly!

Elder Offensive part 1 cover

Okay, since I was having a good uphill slog with the full edition and Ebook one at that…
I decided to go with a smaller book 7 x 9 ( or was it 10? ) print edition and divide into two parts for this run. Will put out a full novel or 16 chapters, in this case, soon!
Am cracking the use of the template and renewing my old type – set skills.

Please enjoy as this is still in process as I need to clear up where the ISBN numbers are going.. * shrug * Always something. Anyway, will be at COSine as an Author officially this time and try and make a few other conventions and work the trades room, etc.

Anyway, 3 book series – Scales and Hearts, Camden’s Follies and of course Elder Offensive are it for now… for now. I have a few hundred tales to put to paper or Ebook, so…

Cheers! Please read and enjoy, never say never and never be cruel nor cowardly! Support selflessly ALL independent authors, artists, musicians, etc.!

~ The Pirate Poet















































More cover ideas for Elder Offensive…


Above, somehow, I’m not sure how they did this… I have two further concept art works for the Ebook on Amazon and the one for the print edition… I think I’ve cracked it… but you never know.. what say ye?

Okay, here’s a test image for Elder Offensive…

Cover Test Image

And before the smart arses start up … YES! I know I’m going to have to crop or otherwise the image of the eye… among a few things. Anyway, tis is a CONCEPT piece. Also, if you ave the energy and other resources to be an armchair critic – You can come up with something and donate it to me!
A long time ago, I got fed up with the ” I can do better than that ” crowd. Mainly because when push and shove came into play – they folded and fell apart like wet paper!

Anyway, that’s me progress so far… I’m thinking of a frame for the inner square since the Elder Gods are famous for warping views of reality to suit their evil purposes. ( or so the tales tell). I’m trying to incorporate microsoft paint and corel paintshop pro x8 and getting good information or hints on how to use it – all the tools – and get around a lot of minor barriers. So far, no one seems to want to be of assistance and as much as I would have hoped. Any time I DO have the funds to begin working with an artist – they’re either busy, not interested or incredibly expensive. * SIGH *
Believe me, I’d LOVE to be able to hash out the best and most profitable deal for both parties… it’s just getting people to the table. So, for now, I use what I have and make the most out of it. Thus, it’s taken years instead of months to just get the first part of book one of Camden’s Follies out, let alone a small anthology of Dragon Stories…

But for now ~ All be well and may the blessings/wishes/promises be upon you, fulfilled and granted!

~ The Pirate Poet



















Another strange day… but maybe…

Okay, here’s my conundrum –

Should I have a contest? Email entries or should I just put up a book for reward? An Ebook is simple as all it requires is an email address. A solid copy requires a mailing or physical address.
Anyway, that’s what I’m wondering for my book projects up and coming!

Now, for the strangeness –

Today was given a dreary and very disheartening forecast in the weather arena. I oft wonder if the world or nature has a long standing grudge against me due to this and other events in my life.
On the writing side, I now have some fairly great ideas for Book 4 of Camden’s Follies and a more solid and plausible ending for Elder Offensive.
Right now, it’s a contest for either raising funds again for book 1 cover art or working with someone who can help me watermark lizard – like eyes over a star background as well as an image of the top of a file folder… Hmmm… Sans scanning anything new in on the image front, I’m a bit flummoxed to say the least on this..
Well, I guess I can carry on and work on it . Chin up, full steam ahead and all that!



For now, or until I see you at COSine or a ComicCon near you with books for sale and a witty repartee for the panels…

~ The Pirate Poet

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Scales and Hearts_ Cover 2






















































LIVE! E – Yup! Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 1 Ready for reading!!


Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5
Now to work on Elder Offensive and the other parts… I’ve finally gotten the templates downloaded and maybe, if I have the right ones, I can format to their specifications and keep on track!
GERONIMO!!~ The Pirate Poet


Above, a special shout for an old mate… Give it a like and follow.. another brilliant one!

It’s coming along with a copy of Scales and Hearts – collectible error cover!



Below, from Book 1, part 1  ~ The one I’ve waited TOO long to be able to put out..

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Below is the one I need to work on… Seriously! I need – either more sleep or caffeine!



Okay, so I’m waiting for 5 copies of Hearts and Scales.. * SIGH * I know what the cover above says…. I’m WELL aware of the goof. However, I can and will correct it on my Corel PaintShop Pro X8! For now, I will have 5 copies – FIVE for myself and 4 lucky readers!
Who knows? I may have a copy of Book 1, Part 1 for everyone I choose – friends and family for example – signed and such!
For now, celebrating overcoming a minor hurdle and preparing to save for a table at COSine and a couple of other  venues… I CAN’T WAIT!
A SOLID excuse to hang and knock about with me mates!!!!

For now ~ I did you adieu and clear skies with smooth sailing!

~ The Pirate Poet











































































Never a dull moment…


Okay, so now that I’ve cheesed off a fair few editors…
Let’s see then. I just tend to go with the crowd that believes in themselves and not co – dependency. I find that just because one title sells doesn’t mean you have to re – write a perfectly good tale to bore the audience or insult them to tears and a desire NOT to read.
If you can market rubbish – you CAN market solid work. It’s publishing’s job to SELL what they have or find or make a market instead of settling for the tried and boorish bog standard ones.
The new paradigm is us, the authors and artists, realising that we’ve been paying to do all the work ourselves as is. It’s time to unite under a banner of mutual support and true karma. Karma is finding a goal and and then discovering others desirous of this end and helping selflessly to achieve it. We get the energy and resources we truly need in return and expand our knowledge and become better for it in the end.
If it were up to me we’d have a union, with dues and crowd source support and possibly even the odd fund raiser. Work together, support our intellectual, copyright and trademarks by providing legal assistance as needed. Show a united front against the pirates who would profit off of our hard/smart work and encourage more creativity than stifle/snuff it!
No more having to go into debt for what you love! No more sending out manuscripts to just anyone – especially those that don’t return them so they can profit from their cheap ghost writing labour!  For those who couldn’t afford dues – the fund raisers for them and selfless aid in their laudable undertakings. Also, free legal advocates and research – time to get the professors and students of law some real world work, yeah?
Anyway, that’s my rant and I’m sticking to it!

Cheers and keep your eyes on Kobo and Amazon… almost done with the tweaks for Camden’s Follies and SOON, very soon, I shall even have Elder Offensive book 1 out!


~ The Pirate Poet




























































* YAWN * Someone tell me I have a good bead on the day.. or at least I can quit with the faux paux’s …

I’m beginning to wonder if I’m getting senile a tad early. How can I read submission guidelines and STILL send the wrong format!?!
* SIGH *
Oh well, I’ll get it right – I hope!

On a note from the other blog entry ~
Bad literature/fiction is just as bad, if not worse, than being victimised by a literary pirate! Let me elaborate further…
How can you encourage a new generation or keep the hopes alive of a current crop of rally good writers if the publishing community keeps promoting rubbish for work?
Honestly, a good friend and muse of mine, Connie Willis said it best – It’s up to us, the authors to get the work out and the publisher to market it. I’d add they can create a market for anything; why not good, from the heart, well done material?
A quick cash cow effect can never erase the negatives of poor product. Not to mention, I’ve noticed more Twilight titles in the used book/charity stores/second hand shelves gathering dust over Rowling’s work.
Needless to say, I’m glad to be an independent artist/author.  Thanks to some really sound professors, I take enough pride in my work to be able to objectively edit and no take away from the story.
It is the sole job of the author to tell the tale – no matter the perspective. I shall NEVER throw away, arbitrarily, my near 2 decades of education – NEVER! In all likelihood, I will wind up marrying my future editor – a bit like John Le Carre actually – rather than hire one.. Just a bit of a hint ladies of the page!

Okay, so onward and yonward or something like that * LOL * …
Cover for part one of Camden’s Follies is coming along – can’t wait to put out the Ebook edition! And, in reference to my submission faux paux – I’m going to buck up my courage and re – do my submission for Wolfsinger Publications.
Honestly, if I were spread any more thin I’d be 2 dimensional


For now, back to the grind …
Yours always

~ The Pirate Poet
















































































And so, forth with, we go…


I find the generic start for a tale a bit tedious. Honestly, how many stormy nights can one encounter?! ( Aside from old Weetabix head) And who is this screaming female/male? Did the antagonist hire a voice over person?
I personally don’t mind tossing readers right into the action. ( see Camden’s Follies or Elder Offensive or better yet ~ Hearts and Scales! * in print currently with 4 stories *)
For horror, I prefer a different tense and tension. There has to be a certain feel and tone that reminds one of a classical orchestration.
To me, Jaws – the film and the book, Silver Bullet ( I hope I got the title right – memory is a bit dodgy these days) and Relic are good examples aside from the Kat Lightfoot series by Sam Stone ( Blatant plug ~ There’s a 6th book on the way, by the by!).

My point is, you must have a sense of rhythm and timing.  Comedy is timing and set – up, action is a bit like a carnival ride with slow, high and low points, rests and then sharp dives or wicked action. Science fiction, well, that’s complex along with Steampunk. A bit like classical Jazz improvisation.

Anyway, getting closer on Camden’s Follies Book 1 part 1 all 25 chapters….
Get ready, the ride is boarding now, book on and hold on!

Cheers and until next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

Book 1 part 1 Index


























































































Why can’t all burger bars have all day menus?

Okay, so, quite a lead in for my lunch endeavours.  I’m having to pick up some fast/convenient food and I’m looking at a generic burger bar.
In regards to writing…

How to wind up the audience. I’m a firm believer of slight of hand in plain sight. Thus I can set – up a gotcha scene or event with either a cliff hanger or gut punch/line.  Use your intuition and of course experience for delivery purposes.
Now, looking for other writers/story tellers/authors for Volume 2 and 3 of Hearts and Scales. Dragon world where dragon encounters happen in modern, medieval and bronze age times.  For extra world info – leave message.
My only rub is finding the right place/publisher for this… to a degree the range of audiences goes from young to adult. Romance, comedy, steampunk, science fiction, horror are ALL on the table.
My only rule is  – keep to the guidelines as broad as they are. You and only you – dear authors – can set the final pro and antagonists, if any, for your tale.
Right now I am waiting for a good friend and publisher to have a free moment or to ask her close friends and author/editors for an assist.  Me, I’m always available to assist in laudable undertakings! Besides, she’s a wondrous human being and much better than a lot of the established main stream types.

Also, poetry request time –
I’m game if you are to request one.

Until next time …

~ The Pirate Poet