Christmas/Chanukah Blog & Book Plug

Well, 2020 is almost over. Thank Goodness! However, in the interim we have holidays to see to. Christmas and Chanukah are two of them, I can’t truly recall all the holidays though Solstice is one other I can.
Needless to say, I still wish all a peaceful, abundant holiday.
Now, for some business ~
I’ve put up some links of books for sale by myself and friends. I know I’ve been jobbing the American market far more than my own. My appologies to the English/U.K side! I shall do my best to put the appropriate links with my book mentions. These are books writen by some of my gifted, talented and wondrous author and artist friends. They make great Christmas/Chanuka/Solstice gifts and don’t ( aside from Ebook copies ) require batteries or complex machinery/machines – just a vivid imagination and a desire to open the theatre/cinema of the mind. Without further adieu here are the books I believe will make great stocking stuffers or just gifts…

Camden’s Follies 2 : The Empire Rises to Battle
English Link
English Link
English Link
English Link
English Link
English Link
English Link

Okay, for now, this is it. May you all get wondrous presents and much joy and please, please, please remember to support your local or international Indie Author, Artist or musician.

~ The Pirate Poet

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