Poetic dive and link share… again.

Empty © 2020 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Let me lay here knowing
Not of lies, nor indiscretions
Shall I see thee honest and brave
Was there a treasure hidden, beneath my very nose
Could it be that I, was never meant to have
A farthing to my name, nor a heart to call my own
Oh love
Where, did I, go wrong
Is the morning light calling
Or is it from the other side?
Did I, in my haste
Find nothing for my time, but waste
Oh life
Was there too little
Did I lose the divine grace
Is there something in my way, that I can’t face
But for now, I fade
Like yesterday’s dream
Never meant to be
Oh I
Am just, taking up space
I’ll retire like dust
Never a trace

And now for my book links, till I get permission to post and recommend others ~
https://www.amazon.com/dp/1723354139 – Elder Offensive

James is now a Captain in the Dragon Helm Clan as more Follies ensue!
Now, the Empire is fighting dirtier and the Amanor are more active!
The 4th and final book of series 1

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