One more detail…

As the year progressively seems weird, I guess, since fall is approaching faster than I imagined, I could vent or pontificate a tad.
Is it me or are the youth movement being more and more inclined to inherit and incorporate the worst of the previous elder generations?

On Twitter and other platforms, the norm is to start a fight by launching partial conversation threads and asking specific questions of the quote. Then, they only turn around and make it sound like it was something else they were looking for. They seem to think you’re a mind reader.

Oh well… that’s just one example post 11th century arguing breaking out. I mean, honestly, do they really want change? Do they want to solve reocurring problems or just keep them till there are few standing who could help? Change the way you look at things and things will change.

It sounds overly simplistic, but as you analyse it and apply it. The method has merit and works. As sits, anyone of the youth movement gives the impression of wanting to fight – not solve or resolve. They are determined to be the incarnation of General Phyrric and his hollow victory.
What sense or good is there if you destroy all – even that which you have been charged to defend? Or perhaps by convincing those on the fence that supporting or helping you with your cause is folly?
I know, those of us who were about to be more forward with our support and lending of resources see some of these insidiously divisive arguments and turn around and don’t bother with it.

Between the row with Rowling and the Cancel Culture – I just can’t become involved with it. An article in the news periodical called ” The Irish Times “, who are as about pro British as I am a Chinese person, had a reporter note what I’ve typed. And she’s in the same age group as this bunch of yahoos!

I know, I’m an author and a poet. However, I wasn’t always and I hope to not go back to my old profession. Part of my old profession was to read people and situations. I stuck to facts, not hyperbole. I debated on a level field and never tried to ” dumb down ” the conversation.
I find it almost insulting how many offence sensitive people seem to want to assume their way through everything, start a ruckus, be divisive and then run and hide behind somewhere far away.
That doesn’t count trying to reinvent language – making it vague, confusing and frustrating! They want to use over simplified bait lines, tag lines and catch phrases rather than communicate – right down to punctiation and grammar. Then they want to make it all a grand joke as all the while things get worse, the divides greater and the possibility of a unified people more and more implausible than achievable.
I know this rant probably won’t go far, but I do hope some day that someone catches on and puts an end to this madness before it’s too late and the next world war takes hold and more lives that shouldn’t be are lost!

Till next time,
~ The Pirate Poet

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