The week begins… Bloody Hell, can whatever passes for normal arrive?

Okay, so I’m really loving Oreos, ice cream and of course trying to cook for myself and mum. Shopping, for anything is an adventure in patience and of course avoiding people who can’t social distance.
At least I have some access to a Starbucks! Not the one I’d go to normally, but there you are.
Editing and formatting are a grind! Especially for when you’re trying to edit for Kindle format. Hum buggery! I can’t seem to get past the chapter by chapter 1 -2 paragraphs and change the scenery, thus expanding the book by a hundred pages.
I tend to free my mind up by writing the odd poem and turning my emotions into energy.
For example…

Vanish (C) Jon Corres Pirate Poet

To me, thyne eyes will fall upon
In this, my moment, for as I recite
A soliloquy, the measure of me at a portraits view
Or shall I a requiem deliver?
A final word
Brief fare thee well
Shall I serenade you with romantic overtones?
I see the curtain prepared
A bow to my audience
So I shall complete with a flourish
Tis a sad tale, woven with comedy
Let the laughs prevail
A sundry of smiles
Weep not for the fool
Show pity for the one that follow
Now, onward
A drapery of stars, a mantle of moon beam
For now, ever more
I retire

For a new collection of poems, me thinks…
Till the next we meet on page

~ The Pirate Poet

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