Just one thought….

So, the world in general is in quarantine. Okay. Major hubs, shut down, but mainly we’re still able to do chores or get our shop rounds done. I’m fine with the situation as it won’t last for ever.

With that in mind, I would like to begin to send all my readers my best wishes, healing energy and kind thoughts!

And now, for why I’m the Pirate Poet ~

Chances are, a glimpse is all you need
In a room filled with chaos
Does the promise of a smile mean anything more?
A million thoughts
Several hundered conversations
A band or juke box play
It never fits
This grand slice of life
I watch my ice melt, slowly
Always aware
Many a prat fall
More than one end begins
A fair few beginnings blossom
A moment
A fragment of eternity
To where can we store such treasures, ere the mind
A blink of an eye
Two thoughts meld as action rears its head
Romance? Perhaps, just a glimpse of something more
A pantomime for the ages
A solilaquy of the robust and broken hearted
A wish fulfilled and broken
The last call can be heard
So, it’s us again
Tonight prepares for the morrow
For now, shall we dance?

From my books ~ Links to order some quality entertainment from my mind to your eyes! All four of my Camden’s Follies series one! Please Enjoy


For now, I bid you great week or day/night!

~ The Pirate Poet

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