Tales from the Con: My colleagues and friends from COSine

The Magificent Tale teller/Authoress ~ Ms. Dacia Arnold
As promised, below are the commercial links to her wonderful works!
List of literary offerings printed and Kindle

Book 1 of Ms. Arnold’s series
Ms. Arnold’s wonderful Anthology/Short story collection

Here are the offerings of Ms. Venessa Robertson, authoress and wondrous tale bringer!

I believe this is the list of her current works…

And now the Captain America of the Colorado Authoring world ~ Mr. Josh Vogt!

The list from the search on Amazon
From the World of Pathfinder

And now, fromt he Dynamic Duo of Chaz and Carolyn K ~

A list from the Amazon Search
For the role playing enthusiast!
This is a great book and works wonders with the gorgeous Tarot cards Mr. Kemp has created!
The second in her series from the marvelous Carolyn K!
Ms. Kay’s fantasy series begins!

As time rolls on I shall also be putting up the Etsy and other links for all to delve into this magificent duo’s work! Also, I’ll be putting in word for a new distributor for me – Ms. Stacey Vowell and my good friend and story/comic book writer Christopher Salas. I’ve recently met a pair of sister’s new to the publishing community and will be promoting them soon!

In the meantime, do buy their work, speak of kindly and let others know of ALL these fine folk ~ * bow * ~ !
As always, keep your ears open to 1001 L.A. Nights for more on yours truly as well as hearing shouts/promos for all of the above artists, authors, poets and musicians!

Till next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

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