COSine report: Sort of, with great mentions for a few of my American mates!

An aisle in the Trades room/Dealers Room

COSine 2020 is now in the books ~ Pun intended. The good news was, I made it through. Bad news is – I’m really starting to wonder if anyone ever left Secondary School/High School. * SIGH * Anyway, I’m doing my best despite a week reminiscent of my primary protagonist in Camden’s Follies.

My amazingly amazing friend and future convention distributor of books Ms. Stacey Vowell

On a positive note or three…

Christopher Salas, author and comic book story writer extraordinaire was on my right with Stacey Vowell and her nephew Sean with some other business partners. A lovely pair of sisters with a with a new publishing company were across from me and my old friend and author Josh Vogt had a table nearby. I had the good fortune of sitting in on a pair of panels or so with my cover artist’s wife Rebecca as well as knock about with the magnificent artist and friend Robert Hay. A really lovely and wonderful indie publisher, Carol Hightshoe was also in attendance, I shall be submitting a short story as soon as I learn the details as soon as possible. I’ll also be jobbing for Scales and Hearts volume 2, the long overdue follow up to my solo act of volume 1.

The Fantastic Dacia Arnold, Authoress and future source of hit Fox/CW American sci-fi/meldorama series!

Dacia Arnold, authoress and future source for a Fox/CW hit series was there and I got to sit on a panel with her. Look for her on Amazon and acquire her current series! Chaz and Carolyn Kemp, the dynamic duo of artist and authoress who are simply too talented to list all of their artistic contributions and skills, were also present and I got to catch them at one of the panels on Sunday. I’ll post links soon enough for all

A wondrously promising and entertaining new series!
Authoress Vennesa Robertson, talented lady and a possible Netflix series contributor!

Ms. Robertson is a hidden gem! A true fan of the art and a wonderful human being. Her steampunk adventure crosses time and borders and looks quite an engaging read!

My table on Sunday before final tidy round
My table part 2
The talented Ms. Robertson… again!

On my next blog, I’ll have professional contact information. The authors and artists listed can be found on Amazon.Com via there names. Remember: Support the indie artists, authors, musicians – all over the world! Let’s show the bog media producers we ARE the future, present and even past that they should have taken seriously.

~ For now, yours in all things michief, The Pirate Poet

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