A new year! let’s see where this goes…

Unused book blurb

Okay, so, let’s try poetry..despite the blurb promo above

Noons shadow over cast
Does the dark become more so?
It is the question, nor the answer
But is it the existence that leaves us cold
Or is it the promise, the hint, the tease
Of things more insidious or naturally unseen
For whom do we palce our faith
Such times as the light extinguished
Do we find our sight by the torch?
May we at least see by our hearts guide
Never more to feel the dread
Or do we blind ourselves to the living
Just to march with the dead

Currently, I’m sitting in the 4k sellers mark in the Amazon sales for Steampunk. I know this can only improve! So please, do read my work after purchasing! And if it’s not your cup of tea, get copies for your local library or donate to the secondary/high school/university near you… and not just my books, but all my indie author friends and colleagues on Twitter!

For links to my work ~

Pt 3 of Camden’s Follies


Pt 2 or Camden’s Follies below..

Pt 1 – The Adventure begins

Don’t pay attention to the review! It was done by a young author who never read a British language book – Ever!

Anyway, please read and enjoy all! And, when I get an opportunity, I shall post links to my colleagues work as well ~

~ The Pirate Poet

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