Ranting, Raving or at least some book info/promotion…

Proposed cover for Elder Offensive Book 2

Okay, so progress on the horror/action novel is stalled due to overwork on Camden’s Follies…

Where the adventure and the humour began…

My goal was to get the 4th and final installment to Book one/Series 1 out before next year…. I may have to change those plans as it seems life has caught up with me. Also, I need to see more interest in Elder Offensive as I had a really explosive ending in mine for the 2 book series.

Anyway, as always… I shall place the links to my books now… they do make a great gift for Christmas! ( Nudge – nudge, wink – wink!)

Book 1 part 3 ~


Part 2

Part 1


British Edition part 2
Book 1: The Ammutseba Protocol
British Edition Book 1
British Edition

Okay, that wasn’t such a chore! Anyway, I’ve been put in Twitter time – out for idiocy of someone else… At 4100 followers… need 142 for the magic number 4242 – the answer squared!

For now…
~ The Pirate Poet

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