On writing, reading and a few other bits and pieces…

An old idea.. future cover? (C) 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

A note on our favourite subject – Writing!

One of the things/ideas/concepts that seems elusive these days, especially for our youth movement is;
Sentences must make sense.

It’s a simple concept we all learnt in grammar/primary/grade school and yet… If you wish to say something, something of import, informative or an interrogative statement for garnering useful information – use your education and speak/type/write it in the language, under the rules of grammar, that will convey this without being provocative/antagonising or sounding an idiot.

I know that for dialogue, we all can drop into street/common/slang vernacular. But doesn’t it do more for our readers if we can present more than the same speech over and over? We can and should do more to our education and the lifting of our audience, rather than diminishing all we’ve learned. Or was it a waste of 12 years of our lives? I think not!

We as authors have a duty. It’s definitely to entertain, but why can’t we do more on occasion?
I’ll leave this thought stand as I move on to other points of interest.

Ideas and formatting are coming together. I believe I have the cover idea sussed and will go to the artist to see if it can be done. Slowly, I’m getting my rhythm back in writing. My typing is taking time to catch up with me.. * SIGH *

I shall, as time permits, update this blog and progress on the future podcast. Sadly, I’m far behind the times on the technology end and I’m trying to catch up.

The final chapters of Elder Offensive book 2 are coming together nicely. Camden’s follies moves forward in earnest and I shall have all of the first 3 book out every six months or die trying!
Short stories need work on. I still have to keep on Wolfsinger Press to see if they’ll finally be available for volume 2 of Scales and Hearts. Any more comments from the American side on my style of writing an I head for two resources that point out how much more they need to learn before being judgemental..

Okay, enough of the angst! Still working on the next collection of poetry…
Until next time…

~ The Pirate Poet

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