Toils, trials and tribulations. The week begins…

Nap time

So, it’s a Monday. All it’s glory and silliness.

When it comes to tertiary school please remember –

  1. Check your ego at the entrance. No one needs opinions of a haughty nature – you’re there to learn and better yourself or expand your mind, one in the same thing actually.
  2. Never give up, never give in. Your professor isn’t there by accident – I hope. When it comes to literature, the professor is usually an avid and voracious reader.
  3. What you pick up in class or from assignment at the library is canon, tools to use in the future, not to burden you with useless tosh and waffle
  4. When asking questions/querying – you’re trying to learn something, yes? Then don’t be a git/Septic Tank and be aggressive/provocative, harsh or insulting. Use your old education, good sense and reason.

All any instructor/professor can do is arm you with tools, the way they’re used and sources of information/resources that you can utilise in your writing/publishing endeavours.

Wars don’t make a great warrior any more than an editor makes a great author. You write the story, they help clean it up, It’s not a class paper, but it does need the odd tidy round. It’s up to you to tell the story in your heart as it was meant to be told. Otherwise, you’re a ghost writer or working for one. – no offence to ghost writers, but big publishing makes far too much money on them and pays the actual authors very little in return, let alone the ghost writer – in my view anyway.

Find your groove, beat or whatever. Don’t sweat the details as you’ll never get ANYTHING done. Write, edit, read to cleanse and refresh, keep going and banging on your drum! There’s an audience for all of us out there. We can’t do any good or tell stories if we’re a nervous wreck!

Okay, so for now, sans the odd poem in the future..
Take care, be the ever brilliant you that you are, don’t worry ~ GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

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