From today… and beyond.

Let’s begin with the odd verse…

A soft warble, song of the morning lark
Arise as the sun gentle rouses you
To what do we owe ourselves
A fine and fresh start
The toils of yesterday, a promise of the present
Tomorrow the mystery we’ve yet be given to
Never a guarantee
The whisper of an idea, a song that moves with the breeze
Send me back to the place of dreams
Allow me the magic for one day to bring the vision to reality
As I craft the story that is my life
Walk with me from the shadows
Dazzle me with colours that is the realm we live in

Okay, after some problems presented by Kindle Direct Publishing, now unto the breach I will go once again and sort out both the format and the cover art for Camden’s Follies Book 1, Part 3.

Poll for those who care…
Do I go with ~

  1. Space Battle
  2. Underground scene
  3. Something with children
  4. Readers choice/idea

For cover art, is an idea I seek for. For now, how about something of a short story or part of one from my published work? Do let me know!

~ The Pirate Poet
Send me those links and blurbs so I can showcase here! I’m working on my first podcast for Anchor FM… who knows? I may wrangle a live interview or three.

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