Promos! Time to bring the new blood to the world of readers… be kind and enjoy the tales they weave!

Our first of two is an English Authoress and burgeoning fantasy creator/writer.
Keira Heckman is a Londoner and a wondrous human being… Here’s a little something with link to her first offering – Give it a grand read!

Rosalind Clifford works for an agency dedicated to eradicating magical beings, but when her own name ends up on the kill list, she knows she has to do something to avoid her inevitable death. So Rosalind escapes to a place that, by most people’s standards, doesn’t exist – Wonderland.

Ah! I really love the premise! Bit like Grimm or Men in Black meet Alice and Wonderland. She tosses you right into the action and the ride just gets better! Read and enjoy ~ Brilliant!

The yet to be integrated Sapien Solar System is on the verge of major economic, political, and social change. In an attempt to unite the nine autonomous planets, seven of which are ethnically pure, under the solar alliance, the Supreme Council encounters all types of obstacles foreseen and unforeseen. Each of the triumvirate of politicians aligns himself with a faction of the underworld in an attempt to push their own personal agenda. Vice Chancellor Theris Lamont, the most honorable of the politicians, is forced to enlist the services of mercenaries and smugglers from the crew of the Starship Whisper, led by Mulati Soldaat, to embark on a mission that he hopes will ultimately bring harmony and unity to the human race. Along the way, they encounter Francois Larue, a rogue member of the notorious DOD gang. After betraying the DOD, Francois has to conceal his past affiliation with the gang as he tries to assimilate into his new environment with the tight-knit crew of the Whisper. Mulati has to balance duty and unit cohesion, all the while obeying his own conscience. Add the fact that he is apart of the less than one percent of the solar system who is of mixed race, and the challenges abound. Inevitably all sides collide and the Sapien Solar System is caught in the middle. What unfolds is a tale of murder, deception, betrayal, loyalty, trust, and greed.

T.O Burnett is a gifted American author and it shows as this offering promises a great deal and I have faith that it delivers mightily! Political intrigue, space travel – what more could you ask for?! Dive in and give this a really in depth read…

Thanks ladies and gentlemen of the reading world ~ * bow * ~

~ The Pirate Poet

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