Thoughts, views, expectations and just being a Pirate Poet

I feel, as of late, like a bit of a yo – yo. Back and forth, all over the place. Getting anything done on the story telling front is a bit daunting. I’m seeing more divide than unity, even the writing world.

The past is our foundation. People like Tolkien, Homer and Shakespeare are points of light in a very clouded universe. Setting the bar on goals or setting a standard to build on – it’s all important.
For anyone, particularly on the American side of things, to cast disparage, degradation or encourage pointless arguing and insult laden diatribe regarding to the ones who set the table for them to be authors. It’s simply unthinkable, deplorable and downright insulting!

A piece of paper, a degree of a graduate nature, is not license to be degrading, diminutive, insulting or just simply combative and vulgar.
It’s a responsibility and a promise to do more, share knowledge.
Superiority complexes need to be tossed with ego into a bin after an accomplishment like that.

I don’t care to be better than anyone, but myself the other day. This world is already polarised, divided, combative and degrading without adding to it. As a race, humanity WILL fall divided. We are stewards of life – not judge, jury and executioner.

Earth covered crimson
The sacrifice of more than life, but soul and conscience
A language, superfluous and colour of cloth
All that bleed, bathes the soil in red
One life for the many, one sacrifice for the few
Let not this day go unnoticed or dismissed
Shall we gather, not to disagree
But to solve and unify, feed and edify

I’ve grown so tired of expressions that begin, ” What’s so great about ________” . If your friends or peers won’t leave you alone about or try to disparage you because you’re not reading/seeing what the in crowd is.
Don’t take it out on the writers or people who produce for the stage and screen. Blame the true source. Don’t narrow your mind or diminish your world of beauty – expand it.

It would be wondrous, if all my friends and followers on twitter would pick 5 authors a month. Not everyone need do this at once, but to purchase a single work – even if it is to donate to charity, a public library or school charity – you would be doing more than boosting income, so much more!
I live for the days when we of the indie artists/authors can turn to the snobs of big publishing and say – ” See! It did sell without your precious egos and overpriced marketing people. We ARE known, published and MARKETABLE! Take that doubters!”

So, for now, stay safe, keep writing, drawing, painting, playing music and making films – You ARE relevant!

~ The Pirate Poet

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