All good things..

Okay, some sad news – this is going to be the very last COSine convention this year. This means – no January to look forward to from here on.

However, with all good things, more come to the fore. I’m not sure what, but I will endure and so will all of my creative friends. I have a feeling that, aside from press, dwindling numbers coming in plus the lack of good places to hold a convention played a key role.

From here on, I’m going to have to buck up the courage and funds – dipping into a depleted surplus as is – and had north to Denver, until I get back to England full time – then I’ve no worries as all things are within public transit or walking distance. I hate driving anyway, even though I know how to. It’s like a contest to see who can destroy more on the road – especially in America!

I am still finishing my work on y two big projects and of course working on short stories and ways to job/promote my books! As to the short short story anthology, it’s still a go – but with a twist. I am going to give certain authors access to what the world I’ve composed for those Dragon stories is about.

It will be a broad stroke introduction to be sure, but it will give a lot of leeway for my fellow people of the page to expand and use their imagination on this.
My goal is an author has little to do with awards – it has a LOT to do with providing the reading public as enjoyable a tale as I can tell!
I’m simply a dither over the idea that people are reading – period!

So, if and when I can, I shall give as much of a shout to my fellow indie authors and artists I can!

GERONIMO! and keep reading, dreaming, envisioning, enacting and writing!

~ The Pirate Poet

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