Plug and Promotion time again ~ ALLONS – Y!


Yeah, that’s me ugly mug on the back cover of an urban fantasy/fantasy piece about dragons from various eras in the last century at east…
Yes, I know it’s large and there’s a single sided cover edition that’s smaller that someone else helped out on and I’m using despite the title error.. Shhh!



And yes..
Camden’s Follies – Book 1, Part 1 is out… Get it while it’s hot in Ebook or print edition!
( I’m working on a smaller format for the book for a second edition!)
Also, working on smaller for the next parts of book 1 and beyond…
I should have copies available at COSine  in Colorado Springs, CO…
Below is where you can sign – up and get weekend passes…osine/registration


I know this is a small writers convention, but I believe in it and the people who run it are first class – even if the hotel is a bit dodgy ( They’re researching a new venue as I type this, quite diligently!)

Any suggestions for conventions to attend?! Leave me a message and link with costs for vendor/trades tables -PLEASE!
Am willing to share a spot and all ~ Especially for all my fellow independent artists and authors ~ GERONIMO!
Until next time ~ Here are links for my books ~

~ The Pirate Poet




















































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