It’s coming along with a copy of Scales and Hearts – collectible error cover!



Below, from Book 1, part 1  ~ The one I’ve waited TOO long to be able to put out..

Folly dirgible_ Cover page 5

Below is the one I need to work on… Seriously! I need – either more sleep or caffeine!



Okay, so I’m waiting for 5 copies of Hearts and Scales.. * SIGH * I know what the cover above says…. I’m WELL aware of the goof. However, I can and will correct it on my Corel PaintShop Pro X8! For now, I will have 5 copies – FIVE for myself and 4 lucky readers!
Who knows? I may have a copy of Book 1, Part 1 for everyone I choose – friends and family for example – signed and such!
For now, celebrating overcoming a minor hurdle and preparing to save for a table at COSine and a couple of other  venues… I CAN’T WAIT!
A SOLID excuse to hang and knock about with me mates!!!!

For now ~ I did you adieu and clear skies with smooth sailing!

~ The Pirate Poet











































































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