Above is a link to something I was trying to recall for a while. In this day and age, the words seem to resonate that much more than ever before.  wonder how many would participate in such massive acts of destruction and violence if they pondered these very words?
I know. One cannot dwell on all the evils of the world without falling into an abyss of darkness, but on the other hand – we need to remind ourselves of what our individual contributions are working towards. We cannot cure the whole till we solve ourselves and then we can go forth – not in anger or spite, but in healing.
To some, this is a soft approach of folly and subject of ridicule. Me, I just know what works.

On the story front ~
Working, maybe, on Time out of Balance. A slight horror and alternate reality story..
Still working on which way I wish to end one of two story series. Getting there in regards to which path and all.
On the horror front – coming along nicely.
Dragon stories abound and I struggle to limit myself to a few short stories and maybe a novel.
Maybe one day I’ll find a script writer who actually READS the material instead of trying osmosis, telepathy or skimming. I guess reading is a lost art, yeah?

Okay, enough of the proverbial anger management…
On to and back to writing and getting my readers their stories/tales!


~ The Pirate Poet

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