… plus a bit of follow up.

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The above is from Mushi – shi or Mushi master. To me, this is what X – Files should have been and a worthy successor for Kolchak: The Nightstalker.
However. back to topic.

One of the other reasons I don’t work with an editor, aside from not wishing to insult all my previous professors from my days in academia, is ego. The ones I’ve encountered have them at the size of a small planet at least, editors that is.
None of them should think themselves, gods, experts, nor magicians. There is NO magic in destroying a perfectly good work because it doesn’t meet your personal standard of excellence. That’s being FAR to subjective for my tastes.
In my view and observation, if there’s no market for it – MAKE ONE! Don’t be lazy or try to be a pale copy of a pale copy of a masterpiece.
For me, if the blurb doesn’t catch my eye, nor does the first few pages make me want to read more – forget it! I’m not investing in rubbish! PERIOD!
To market rubbish – one more time – is to insult current readers and prevent new readers who then prefer to watch mindless idiocy, rather than read it.
I know many an author, whom, despite their best efforts go unnoticed as some idiots prefer catch phrase and cut and paste to actual literature. Story telling s an art that must and is done out of love and not for the monetary signs. If we get paid properly for our work, it’s an after thought. It’s more important to be read first and foremost.
True, we all need to live indoors and eat, but to do so only for money is a barren existence at best.
If you believe in what you do, put your passion and energy into this effort, it will pay off in the end. Keep your eyes on the goal and NEVER sweat the details. If those wunderkins/ brilliant and flawless people at the editorial and marketing departments are on their game – your books should be selling really well. If they can market rubbish that makes Pet Rocks look desirable, then they can put the same energy in your manuscript!
As is, we wind up doing all that and more in some instances. We’re not millionaires or billionaires, expenses out of pocket are daunting at times. And if it’s up to us – then why do we need them?
Just food for thought…
For now, enjoy your day, write if you are an author, paint or draw if you’re an artist/illustrator or play/sing like no one was watching and let your heart and soul soar!

For now…

~ The Pirate Poet


































































































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