And then, there was this…



I was on twitter when I noted a re-tweet from Neil Gaiman.  A young and up and coming author asked a question; What do I need to do to become a better writer? His answer; Write!
However, this went over the head of the woman in question. She basically replied by stating that she might have just caught the great author off guard and he was tired.  She just concluded her statement with ~ ” So, I was like, thanks, that’s … o.k?” Or something like that.
Gee, if his answer was more straightforward it would have hit her on the head and bum simultaneously while yelling at her.
Let me add the following to your confusion – if you’re young and starting on your path.
You don’t call yourself a singer if all you do is read about and listen to people singing, do you? Nor do you call yourself a musician if you did similar. You have to pick up the instrument and play it, get behind the microphone and sing before you can even discover how far away or along you are. To find out how much you have to learn or often you must practise. And even then, by practising, playing the instrument or singing – you get better.
Writing is NO different. Don’t wait for someone else to write your tale for you or tell it. Write it! Break yourself of bad habits and refine or expand your mind, genres, vocabulary and technique – WRITE! There is no instant gratification or pill to replace this. WRITE! It’s the first step into a wide, wondrous universe of endless possibilities. WRITE!

The read some more. I can honestly say the best of tales will open the cinema/theatre of the mind and engage your imagination. A great/good story will refresh and leave you ready to tackle the conundrums of everyday living. It will revive you like a walk in the park or a good meal could.

So get out there, don’t bother with advice – WRITE! And be sure to finish what you start…
And if you want top network – go out and make friends, at conventions, libraries and school. Keep each other in the know and do it without thought of reward – selflessly!

So, for now …


~ The Pirate Poet

























































































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