Another manic Monday…

So, what is it about the American side that everything has to be a fight? Or at least the majority of what they hear or read must become war incarnate?
Anyway, the next time my fellow brother or sister of the page voices an opinion or observation  – I’ll stay out of it! I’m tired of the screaming sessions or close to it and the condescending comments and not so veiled attacks.
Too much bother and not enough peace!

Okay, Off the soap box for now.

Looking at lunch out today, maybe getting enough caffeine in me to do more work. Looking forward to reading some more of my fellow authors work and getting more done on mine.
Hopefully, the rest of the day will be dull and routine. UGH! I think we should all outlaw Mondays as a general rule of thumb – too much grumpy and all!

Now to find some Aztec hieroglyphs for use in my Camden’s Follies book cover for Ebook.

Until later and when I have my self in order with more to write …

~ The Pirate Poet

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