And so it goes….


First, I know it’s not mother’s day yet, but all the same – Have a grand day and may it be the first of many celebrations of you and all the wonders of being a matron!
Big Kitten Hug to all!


Now, since all stories have a slight to very deviant angle to them the tempo is very important. Even chaos has a beat! No matter if it’s the villain’s day or hero’s, if love wins or is tragically lost, the temp must be adhered to. Like a great symphony, one must divide into many parts or movements and conduct them accordingly.

Conversations must flow like water and be ever changing like sky. Moods and actions change, but never roughly or choppy. An end can be abrupt, but never a cut off. Cliff hangers are an occupational hazard and not mandatory for all tales.
As I’ve noted before ~ Let the story tell itself. Simple really,
I thought of an interesting beginning for a tale – let’s see how this is received or perceived….

  Mirror me this…

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

It was over. All that was left was to go to bed and dream away the nightmare. Darkness and crept in and silver light shone from the sliver of moon hanging in the air. A tomb would have been louder and yet…
Something was troubling. Why did the shadows remain in the hall with the lights on? As she passed the vanity in the main bedroom, it seemed to ripple and distort her features. Marcus was already miles away by now, could she reach him in time? She reached for her mobile only to find that despite the image in the mirror, it wasn’t on her night stand!


Okay. Another tease of sorts and hopefully a good example.

Write well, be brilliant and creative ~ Always!

~ The Pirate Poet


































































































New laptop for travel … don’t mind the T.A.R.D.I.S * LOL *



Yeah, I broke down and got another laptop to use on the road. It rotates between the Lenova Idea Pad I named ” Clara” and the one I’m using now that I dubbed ” Sarah Jane”.
I’m trying a new approach, but still working on the benefits of what I love writing about.
Writing horror is a very submersive activity. Yeah, I made up a word to a degree, but it fits. You’re looking through the eyes of both the protagonists and antagonists or monsters, so to speak.

It entails thinking like a predator that doesn’t see what it does as evil so much as how to keep alive or a necessary activity. Yes, some killers or critters do have more insidious motivations, but not all. It’s trying to divine which is which that makes the rub or any difficulty – depending on the story plot.

Anyway, still on my game and writing about dragons from time to time, tweaking and second guessing myself at times. I just thank goodness that I can disassociate or disconnect from being the writer to being a reader and self critic. I credit my education mainly for this plus my ability to see from the outside. Some consider their work like a relationship. Me, I take it as work that Love doing!

In some ways it’s just as much fun to go through and see what happened while spell bound by either the protagonists or antagonists activities, pace and rich detail of the world or area. The key is to be relaxed and don’t let the details derail you!
I’ve seen more writers fall to stress and anxiety more than the act of writing.

Well, for now, I’m off!

Happy writing, reading and share some ideas or bug me with the odd question…


~ The Pirate Poet
































































































Of course, it was a Monday… * sigh *

Let’s see;
Got someone hacked enough to nearly scream at me and take me head off – Check
Was run ragged by mum’s cat  – check
Nearly didn’t get breakfast or lunch done – check
Found my little toe bleeding where I sliced it, a little deeper and could have taken it off  – check
That was my day sans the usual good news on weather and of course getting myself to type up story/plot lines. On top of having nearly 3 hours of sleep from the previous week
It’s just spectacular to be me.. * sigh *
Okay, how about a little something of a musical nature?
My list to play today as soon as I can ~
REM man on the moon
Scorpions  Send me an Angel
Queen Show must go on
NightHawks On my way
Coldplay Charlie Brown
Coldplay Sky full of Stars
Queen Under Pressure
Led Zeppelin Kashmir and Immagrant Song
Five for Figting(?) 100 years
Metallica Ain’t my Bitch

I’d say that was a good start. Now for a poetic moment
(c) Jon Corres Pirate Poet
A pale shadow and a pall
What comes over the horizon
Sail on for the quiet
Silver moon and night black sea
Arrested in my thinking
Soul soaring through the clouds
A divide of insurmountable breadth
Of what do I look forward to
Trading night for day
Cold comfort or a comfortable pain
In service of the sightless
Would I if I could
Spill even a drop of my life’s fluid
Even if to have a mystery as a marker of my passing
Quietly and from nothing virtually to something
Akin to a phantom, wraith or shade
To live in shunting
Return once more to the soundless void

Reading on the horizon, revision, rewrite and repeat – The waiting game and more, oh joy! Well, at least I can say I’m doing something I love – Story telling and poetry.

So, for now, this brief rant of gobbledy gook or Orcish tongue is over ~

Cheers and to one of my least noteworthy days – My birthday…


~ The Pirate Poet


































































Tired, mildly caffeinated and under the influence of allergy medication…

So, another bout of needing my caffeine blood supply refilled and more medication for allergies. Peachy, eh? Allergy cure that tries to knock me off my feet and into a good sleep and caffeine so I can type without having a drawn out word with the letter Zed.
Bellow is my one and only attempt at positive, happy – happy – joy – joy poetry. At least for this year.I have no clue as to why I got on this lark – upbeat poetry – but it lasted all of one day and I’m truly relieved it’s gone.
I know, I should celebrate the range of emotions humanity offers and the fact I can feel positive or happy is a day for the calender being marked.
I mean, honestly, between the American mutant hybrid fused Oompa – Loompa with a semi – sentient high fibre piece of breakfast food and Darth May or Anti – Rhani, I’m surprised I haven’t hanged the sense of it all and just dove off a cliff ( perhaps in Dover?).
I know I can attribute one of those two imbeciles with my renewed allergy fervour.
Bloody climate change and the rotters who caused it!
So, the horror lark is coming along, slowly, bu surely. Still waiting for Wolfsinger Publications to give word on Elder Offensive – Maybe I should offer volunteer services to help the poor lass out?
I may have found yet another illustrator for cover art – not sure of the price or quality, but I know the person in question and am willing to give her a good boost in the career department. Oh well, once again, I think I shall put up a wee teaser of what’s to come from good old Camden’s Follies, eh? See the end of the rant, er blog…

Reckoning and celebrations

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Begin, the inclement of days

Hide in the shadows of yesterdays sun

Raise a glass to those that are yet to come

We have only a line to start

Down upon the road that winds, twists and turns

In fall do we trek

By winters edge we creep

Of Springs embrace is hope renewed

Let us sup upon the thoughts of brighter company

Drink in the sight of the wandering friend

A wayward sibling and the doting elder

For even at world’s end there is yet another path to be found

More memories to accept and share
Dare you place one foot before another?

Camden’s Follies

For Becky with a big hug for the other evil triplets, Charmaine and Kyrstin! To James, Amanda, Sam and David, Katherine, Marc, Misty and Karen – my muses from down under. I wish I could list all my friends and extended family, but for now I’ll settle for using your inspiration in the form of characters here in.

Part 1

From the diaries of Doctor Camden, Lunar physician and Pirate

Chapter Index pg 001

Chpt 1 My Journey Begins pg 002




© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously.

Camden’s Follies

Part 1, Chapter 1: From the diaries of Doctor Camden, Lunar physician and Pirate

My Journey Begins

The main engine of the Queens Dirigible“Bernoulli” makes a chirruping sound as the propeller squeaks on and off. Forensic Physician Dr. Camden looks bored and frustrated behind his aged typewriter as he attempts to compose his thoughts. A brief flurry of screaming followed by heavy feet running to and fro cause the near middle aged traveller to look up from his palms.

The tall English gentleman sits in a confined space where he’s been trying to type his journal up. Young, relatively, Doctor Camden is dressed in khaki brown with a waist coat while his long coat is draped over his chair. His hair is solid black and the look of a well groomed upper class gentleman. His handlebar moustache seems a bit out of place as it covers his entire mouth. The lines around his eyes make him seem older in the dim lit cabin as he continues to stare at the ceiling, ranting out loud.


Best to stay inside and not bother the professor… professor?! Hah! Daft old man and an even more dense pair of followers, I’d say. Six weeks and barely land in sight, a flight that was supposed to take half that time. I’m sat on my backside in this cramped cabin, not so much as a flying monkey and it’s far too cold out on deck to even try to take a photograph, decent or otherwise, of the, er seascape. I wonder why the captain even remotely tolerates the barmy old codger? ”

I begin to type again when a familiar odour wafts from beneath my door. The acrid smell of burnt rubber and petrol products forces me to open the window of my cabin, perhaps that’s being too generous. It’s a portal that is as easy to open and close as a whale bone corset! I’m wondering about my decision to trust these people to take me to Africa when I could have simply bucked up my courage and taken a steamship to Egypt before taking up the reigns on a fine Arab charger, something I’m more at home with than modern machinery that I have no idea how to operate and at this rate no desire to learn about.




















































































Poetic moment … let’s see if this is a thought provoker – so to speak


© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Chasing phantoms

Dreams without end
No resolution, achievement
Empty are the days
Meaningless the nights

A pause between breaths of nothing they say

An interruption of blissful thoughtless moments, I reckon

If indeed life is a highway, it’s more like a series of interconnected roads that intersect a main thoroughfare
So, the passage, corridor has more than one exit or entrance

Not so much an endless stretch as there are disappearances without question

Indeed, a curious causeway, life is

But if only the obstructions weren’t so deliberate at times
If only our directions not mired in metaphor and allegory

Could we only, all I might say, find the voice to declare the individual
Not mirror or copy, ever pale and translucent

As my own way winds to a place that I only can see
An exit to somewhere where none but I must go
I would hope or encourage more
Maybe from shadows cold will warmth rise?

So I sing and declare from the depths of my very spirit
So shall I deliver every moment, waking or otherwise


For this one – Input is welcome!

Anyway, will put up links for the short story book… below.


Please support this laudable undertaking of mine and other indie authors and artists ~ * bow * ~ And don’t knock the $1500 American minimal on average to get someone to do what you need done and in my case, it would be closer to $3000 as the details are quite extensive.
I should be starting a fund raising project in a bit…
Please contribute as it comes to my or any other indie author project ..

For now ~ GERONIMO!

~ The Pirate Poet

















































































Once more unto the breach or… Anyway, tis a fine day for something..


Happy Cinco De Mayo…
I really have to research this Mexican holiday more in depth as the people it’s meant for tend to have some rather brilliant and well done festivities ~ sans the fancy drinks or even with them. But I digress ….
Below is my latest inspiration, er, poem.  Please enjoy it!



Rhythms, heart and soul

© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

I could stand, for ever

Just to listen

For your words and wisdom, make my ears

My heart

Beats steady

The rhythm of your song I do embrace

But for now, I walk on

Along the endless stretch between the pause

Will I ever
Find your source

I’d think the end, is far too late

One dance

Is all I want

Just a chance, to hold you close

What I’d do or pay
To hear you and see you say
My name
But for now, doubt rules me
A fight to finish, a way to seek

Till then, I’ll keep calling
An answer, I’ll do my best, my soul to keep

Lest I wander, for ever
Till my silent vigil, be ended thus

My one, true treasure
Is for two, to be us
Heart and soul


Okay, and on to other subjects…  Tone and Atmosphere!
I tend to, as do most of the English authors I know of, like to set more than a scene. The tone and atmosphere is quite a kick in the trousers if done right! This doesn’t count the cadence and rhythm/pace of any given piece. Action should be like a roller coaster ride or a lively orchestration. Lulls, well timed in certain spots like pauses in a very exciting ride or interludes in a musical piece.
When hashing out or typing up the conversations, tone and meaning must flow like water and be ever changing as the sky! Basically, if you don’t talk like an old fashioned telegram, then don’t write/type like it!
I, personally, love to listen to music as I type or before I do. It sets off my inner metronome and allows me to type at a seemingly furious pace, but at the same time a smooth and flowing prose comes forth.
Mind, I seem to have the habit of throwing people into the action on occasion not lead them in. I’m also against lowering my standards and linguistic ledger domain when I know good and well I can raise my audience level much easier.

A little something from the short story work I’ve done…

The Sea Dragon

© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

All rights reserved. No part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system, without the express written permission of the copyright holder, except where permitted by law. This novel is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and incidents are either the product of the author’s imagination, or, if real, used fictitiously


And when the sky grows dark, the wind howls and the waves become choppy it is said you can see a creature. A great beast of legend and myth, sounding from the depths.”

Longfellow Phineas Eustice read the placard slowly, as if he wanted to memorise it for some reason. His eyes danced over his half – moon bifocals as he did so. He made to straighten himself out when he noticed that he was alone on the pier on the isle of Mann. It was a mid October and the tourist season had long passed. Why he thought anyone was with him was truly a mystery. He leaned on his walking stick as he got his barings and began to walk parallel to the railing. His gnarled hand pulled his pocket watch out, which informed him that it was four in the afternoon.

His mind began to wander, as it did often in his declining years. After all this time, all the adventures he’d partaken, you’d think that he may have better recollection than this. As he put his timepiece away he noted the inscription on the back;

For our Longfellow, though not of our blood – our son none the less! You did us proud dear boy!”

Okay! So the above is also promoting my mini – anthology of 4 stories for Hearts and Scales… I’ve had to label it two different ways thanks to a very picky person I know of who confused me to end as she helped me work on the cover art… * sigh * ~ family! They mean well and all…
Anyway, if you wish to see the full  version I have links for the Kobo and the Nook edition on Ebook on previous blogs.

For now… ALLONS – Y!

~ The Pirate Poet































































Progress, the waiting game and what to get for Birthday?!?

Well, all is going well for the novel series – both – I’m writing and editing. Decided to re – read and work on the Dragon Short Stories as well as break from the horror ones for a while… I need to really be able to describe some deaths better!

Also, still waiting on my friend and publisher at Wolfsinger Publications. Life moves at the speed it deems fit it seems…

Also, what to get for my birthday? I know I’ll either be heading to Amazon or Right Stuf International for either books or anime items. Any thoughts?

Now, here’s a little something for the offering…


© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

On the Edge of For Ever
In Shadow we do script
Lights lines and exposition
Tracing our lineage, futures past and events present
A symphony playing out to a sea of stars and worlds
The tales of a singular light and life
Strands of the tapestry that speaks of those gone, here and yet to come
What is lost in the snippets, edits and margins circumscribed
In the flotsam and refuse echoing and pinging
What songs were sung in vane?
For a moment, the moon smiles as the sun quietly naps
A brief respite from the drudgery and pantomime
To begin again
Such is life

For now …

Yours truly,
~ The Pirate Poet















































































Teaser, token, another day…



” Was it Serina or was this just a bad joke? How did a simple hand mirror just get up and move itself into her drawer by the night stand?”  ~ Mirror Me This

Okay, so that wasn’t much of a teaser. However, it’s my story so I can write what I like! Nyah! I’m looking into the paid version of this blog page… say $48 American per year or $96 per year… * sigh * basically around 30 – 60 pounds per year. ( Sorry, my maths are horrible in the morning!)

I’m looking forward to a few things, reading, writing and of course editing… Now for the time to come sooner than later, yes? I find the more I use my OpenOffice programme, the more I like it. I can’t understand why so many Microsoft Office users don’t switch.
Okay, back on topic…
With the professional version of the blog, I maybe able to sell books by the chapter, part or as a whole? I’ll keep my fingers crossed for something, anything, that can promote my work without going into debt!
Honestly, a publisher wants me to spend around 60k quid for a solicitor to act as my agent?!! We authors aren’t all million/billionaires you know! I’m not sure what’s worse – this or the pay for play schemes!
Okay, enough ranting. I’m ready on five fronts for Camden’s Follies. Now to get the bloody cover artist – £ 750 to begin with! I know peoples works are precious and a labour of love, but for goodness sake!
Kickstarter will be up soon enough and I’ll post the link here. I anything, it’s better than having to arrange around £ 15 – 25k  for a name artist like Olivia.  * SIGH *
There I go again…

So, here is what’s on the docket ~
Alternate universe horror – invading on our space, crossing over causing havoc.
Book 2 of Elder Offensive
Books 4 & 5 – 4 parts each – of Camden’s Follies
Scales and Hearts or Hearts and Scales volume 2 – I’m ready to send out invites and do edits as soon as Wolfsinger Publications is ready to receive them.

I may go to my friend Corey Weaver for some outlet as well…
We shall see, shan’t we!

For now ~ A little poem to get you on your way!

Life 2

© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Laces and candles

Light playing in flickering, sporadic dances

Shadows join in, a silent exultation

Soon, beyond the glow

Isolated and stirring

Figures file in from the dark nothing

A sun, small and powerful, rises in the air

Music, like oxygen, touches and breathes life
For a moment, the explosion of festive merriment

Joins the joviality and frivolity

But like a star, dying in the inky black of space

It dims, forms in shadows cloaks make way

To nothing once again, diligent and still


Till we meet again dear readers and people of the page …. ALLONS – Y!

~ The Pirate Poet