And so, forth with, we go…


I find the generic start for a tale a bit tedious. Honestly, how many stormy nights can one encounter?! ( Aside from old Weetabix head) And who is this screaming female/male? Did the antagonist hire a voice over person?
I personally don’t mind tossing readers right into the action. ( see Camden’s Follies or Elder Offensive or better yet ~ Hearts and Scales! * in print currently with 4 stories *)
For horror, I prefer a different tense and tension. There has to be a certain feel and tone that reminds one of a classical orchestration.
To me, Jaws – the film and the book, Silver Bullet ( I hope I got the title right – memory is a bit dodgy these days) and Relic are good examples aside from the Kat Lightfoot series by Sam Stone ( Blatant plug ~ There’s a 6th book on the way, by the by!).

My point is, you must have a sense of rhythm and timing.  Comedy is timing and set – up, action is a bit like a carnival ride with slow, high and low points, rests and then sharp dives or wicked action. Science fiction, well, that’s complex along with Steampunk. A bit like classical Jazz improvisation.

Anyway, getting closer on Camden’s Follies Book 1 part 1 all 25 chapters….
Get ready, the ride is boarding now, book on and hold on!

Cheers and until next time ~

~ The Pirate Poet

Book 1 part 1 Index


























































































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