Why can’t all burger bars have all day menus?

Okay, so, quite a lead in for my lunch endeavours.  I’m having to pick up some fast/convenient food and I’m looking at a generic burger bar.
In regards to writing…

How to wind up the audience. I’m a firm believer of slight of hand in plain sight. Thus I can set – up a gotcha scene or event with either a cliff hanger or gut punch/line.  Use your intuition and of course experience for delivery purposes.
Now, looking for other writers/story tellers/authors for Volume 2 and 3 of Hearts and Scales. Dragon world where dragon encounters happen in modern, medieval and bronze age times.  For extra world info – leave message.
My only rub is finding the right place/publisher for this… to a degree the range of audiences goes from young to adult. Romance, comedy, steampunk, science fiction, horror are ALL on the table.
My only rule is  – keep to the guidelines as broad as they are. You and only you – dear authors – can set the final pro and antagonists, if any, for your tale.
Right now I am waiting for a good friend and publisher to have a free moment or to ask her close friends and author/editors for an assist.  Me, I’m always available to assist in laudable undertakings! Besides, she’s a wondrous human being and much better than a lot of the established main stream types.

Also, poetry request time –
I’m game if you are to request one.

Until next time …

~ The Pirate Poet













































































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