Wisdom, sage, rosemary and time?

Clock at Afternoon Verssille

On the subject of writing…
I wonder sometimes, if anyone ever applies their learning. We go through 10 years of primary and 3 – 4 of secondary and at least another 2 – 4 of tertiary education – for what?
I hope not to forget, but to have something to use as a base to work from. Grammar, maths and the like – we use them every day. Reading, it may or may not provide for the next big thing, but it does help problem solving by clearing and refreshing the imagination and thinking mind.
Videos may be nice, but on the other hand if what I’ve garnered is any indication – they fail by miles to a patient instructor or professor. You can play and replay a video till you’re blue in the face – it won’t help in the process, answer the why’s or tell you if you’re veering to far from the projected and desired result.
Also, it fails to teach patience, care and consideration – all traits that writers and story tellers require ( and yes, to a degree they are the same thing!).  By practising basic grammar correction or even playing with ideas and phrasing does more for the author or authoress by miles than simply watching an egotistical, double speaking person who probably only speaks about writing and never actually writes.
This leads me to the classes for authors –
Seriously? I know inspiration comes from many sources, but this? Sorry, but I never saw a use for those kinds of classes and as far as networking goes – we have social media, Linked in and of course conventions. True, I’m also not a supporter of the good old boy/girl network. It tends to shunt the new talent away and bury it long before it reveals and revels in it.
Then again, I’m not dead chuffed with the idea of starting a career in debt by having to hire a solicitor/agent and then cover your own expenses and do your own marketing despite being under contract. This doesn’t count being shunted to one side after a month or less because one of the publishers “money” writers has done it again so to speak.
~Okay I’m off my soapbox!
I know this will rub a fair few wrong, but after Mary Shelley and the long list of others over publishing history that had to, unnecessarily I might add, fight to have their work published or to be recognised for it… well, let’s just say I’m glad I have the opportunity to publish independently.
On a side note my writing muses/heroes and inspiration are ~
Tolkien, Connie Willis, Andre Norton, Robert Burns, Agatha Christie, P.D. James and Mary Shelley.

In conclusion to the rant ( I know what I wrote earlier, but this was an afterthought) –
As an author/story teller it is my job to get my tales out to the public as much as my poetry. I don’t do what I do for the awards as much as the joy of giving tales to the public to immerse themselves in, forget their tedious days and refresh themselves.
I have a fair few friends who are quite talented, but only need the encouragement and gentle prodding to keep them going. Also, we tend to do our best when we can live indoors and eat. So… Please, please, please support our independent authors, artists, musicians. Don’t be a pirate and make money off of someone else’s work and keep your music, reading and viewing library wide open as your mind!

Till next time and hopefully a more bright and centred blog ~

~ The Pirate Poet























































































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