All righty then…

First, to get this off my chest ~

I hate cowards, liars and those with gutless excuses!

Okay, now on to something of a literary discussion ~

Killing off characters:

You can either do so with impunity and lack of good sense or you can use your brains for something other than a sponge for idiocy and work with the plausible. Timing is everything and, if you do it right, with forethought and planning you can give a gut wrenching moment for the audience that makes them scream for your head on a platter!
It’s also imperative that you give meaning to the death, for extra impact. I like the idea of Greek Tragedy myself, start slowly and leave people gasping for more! ( Or less if they prefer their characters/like the majority of the protagonists and antagonists)
Character driven tales require a LOT of planning in this regard ( as implied/mentioned earlier). So really, really plan this out or it becomes a depressingly boring exercise in blood, guts and the occasional Al Gore. ( Yeah, I’m not fond of someone more stiff than a cadaver)

Okay, so maybe something poetic?



© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

Oh to hide behind falsehoods and deception

A spy of the heart

An assassin of dreams

For one cold moment, did I open myself

An eternity will I regret

A pain that leaves no visible scar

Not even a tear shed in sweet, but dour, sorrow

Would it be, that even a tower needs a resident?

Even lonely echoes are a song brighter than wind

Moans, a viable alternate to silence

Yet, I have neither

Never even the comfort of the smallest of creatures
Pity is even enviable to the state of my spirit

A punishment not thought, nor given conscious attention

Should your reward be!

Away with your poison! Let me cry freedom and release my darkened soul from the confines of this tortuous prison of finery

Today you have your trophy, held tightly in your hand
Covered in blood and tears

Taste the spite in the air, defiant and grim

But only a frame, a portrait within a larger mosaic or tapestry
Low, I shall prevail
For now, I heal

And for now, till I rant or at least come up with something other than political to discuss …

~ The Pirate Poet



























































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