New laptop for travel … don’t mind the T.A.R.D.I.S * LOL *



Yeah, I broke down and got another laptop to use on the road. It rotates between the Lenova Idea Pad I named ” Clara” and the one I’m using now that I dubbed ” Sarah Jane”.
I’m trying a new approach, but still working on the benefits of what I love writing about.
Writing horror is a very submersive activity. Yeah, I made up a word to a degree, but it fits. You’re looking through the eyes of both the protagonists and antagonists or monsters, so to speak.

It entails thinking like a predator that doesn’t see what it does as evil so much as how to keep alive or a necessary activity. Yes, some killers or critters do have more insidious motivations, but not all. It’s trying to divine which is which that makes the rub or any difficulty – depending on the story plot.

Anyway, still on my game and writing about dragons from time to time, tweaking and second guessing myself at times. I just thank goodness that I can disassociate or disconnect from being the writer to being a reader and self critic. I credit my education mainly for this plus my ability to see from the outside. Some consider their work like a relationship. Me, I take it as work that Love doing!

In some ways it’s just as much fun to go through and see what happened while spell bound by either the protagonists or antagonists activities, pace and rich detail of the world or area. The key is to be relaxed and don’t let the details derail you!
I’ve seen more writers fall to stress and anxiety more than the act of writing.

Well, for now, I’m off!

Happy writing, reading and share some ideas or bug me with the odd question…


~ The Pirate Poet
































































































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