Of course, it was a Monday… * sigh *

Let’s see;
Got someone hacked enough to nearly scream at me and take me head off – Check
Was run ragged by mum’s cat  – check
Nearly didn’t get breakfast or lunch done – check
Found my little toe bleeding where I sliced it, a little deeper and could have taken it off  – check
That was my day sans the usual good news on weather and of course getting myself to type up story/plot lines. On top of having nearly 3 hours of sleep from the previous week
It’s just spectacular to be me.. * sigh *
Okay, how about a little something of a musical nature?
My list to play today as soon as I can ~
REM man on the moon
Scorpions  Send me an Angel
Queen Show must go on
NightHawks On my way
Coldplay Charlie Brown
Coldplay Sky full of Stars
Queen Under Pressure
Led Zeppelin Kashmir and Immagrant Song
Five for Figting(?) 100 years
Metallica Ain’t my Bitch

I’d say that was a good start. Now for a poetic moment
(c) Jon Corres Pirate Poet
A pale shadow and a pall
What comes over the horizon
Sail on for the quiet
Silver moon and night black sea
Arrested in my thinking
Soul soaring through the clouds
A divide of insurmountable breadth
Of what do I look forward to
Trading night for day
Cold comfort or a comfortable pain
In service of the sightless
Would I if I could
Spill even a drop of my life’s fluid
Even if to have a mystery as a marker of my passing
Quietly and from nothing virtually to something
Akin to a phantom, wraith or shade
To live in shunting
Return once more to the soundless void

Reading on the horizon, revision, rewrite and repeat – The waiting game and more, oh joy! Well, at least I can say I’m doing something I love – Story telling and poetry.

So, for now, this brief rant of gobbledy gook or Orcish tongue is over ~

Cheers and to one of my least noteworthy days – My birthday…


~ The Pirate Poet


































































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