Progress, the waiting game and what to get for Birthday?!?

Well, all is going well for the novel series – both – I’m writing and editing. Decided to re – read and work on the Dragon Short Stories as well as break from the horror ones for a while… I need to really be able to describe some deaths better!

Also, still waiting on my friend and publisher at Wolfsinger Publications. Life moves at the speed it deems fit it seems…

Also, what to get for my birthday? I know I’ll either be heading to Amazon or Right Stuf International for either books or anime items. Any thoughts?

Now, here’s a little something for the offering…


© 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

On the Edge of For Ever
In Shadow we do script
Lights lines and exposition
Tracing our lineage, futures past and events present
A symphony playing out to a sea of stars and worlds
The tales of a singular light and life
Strands of the tapestry that speaks of those gone, here and yet to come
What is lost in the snippets, edits and margins circumscribed
In the flotsam and refuse echoing and pinging
What songs were sung in vane?
For a moment, the moon smiles as the sun quietly naps
A brief respite from the drudgery and pantomime
To begin again
Such is life

For now …

Yours truly,
~ The Pirate Poet















































































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