Another day….

So, congratulations to the Duchess – a baby boy!
Wow, Melania actually smiles? Oh wait! She was with a proper gentleman and former president… silly me.

All right then… a little something for the day ~

(C) 2018 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

In defence of the Day, as strange as it may be
To all that give of their resources, time and energy
For that one particular passion, at least for now
So we apply to our everyday endeavours
Breeze, wafting through the windows and doors
Sunlight warm on the face
Lovely, the scent of blossoms in the air
This is the moment, time and your day


Okay, so on to other work.  I still can put together an encyclopaedia averaging around 10k pages for each of the worlds in my Camden’s Follies universe.  This touches on flora, fauna, religion, politics and ethnicities. Yeah, that’s a lot! However, we’re discussing a world that’s a couple of billion years old or so – even older than the Earth by lengths and furlongs.
I would say, for something as singular as Elder Offensive, I could do a bit more as the history is richer and more diverse for the colony world. I know mapping would be in order for all the places I’ve invented in the plotting room of my imagination.
* SIGH *
However, time to wait and see if the publisher agrees with my book writing approach. I did tell her it’s in British English and not in the American dialect….
Anyway, for a small sample I can post in the future… maybe do an online serial of sorts, eh? Don’t be shy! Let me know what would strike your fancy – other than fan-fiction. I try to avoid that like the plague as I have deep regard and consideration for my fellow authors and authoresses! We all put a tremendous amount of time , energy and love into our craft and when we make characters a certain way, we mean it exactly as we write it!
I simply can’t fathom why the reader can’t accept the obvious and just leave it alone – it’s our work and not theirs!
Note – if you do write fan fiction, then think of this; If you can re – write someone’s long hard slog and labour of love, you can write your own original tale! Leave ours alone…

Okay then, so, I’ll be off for now and back to the grind. I need to break a few writing records you see – typing wise!


~ The Pirate Poet







































































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