Progress, a teaser and … we’ll see

For Yesterdays future


J.Nathanial Corres

In heavens gate do all wish to gather

Of deeds yet to be done

Regrets we linger, yet never dwell in

Someday’s future

Gambled with toady’s stakes

There was never a moment, none in recent memory, of worlds colliding with such strange effect. It was once hypothesised that for action taken or denied, an alternate reality blooms. However, none suspected just how close the worlds or universes were and how little it would take to cross from one to another…

For these few, the ones that have the “Knack” as it were, a meeting of the minds will be quite enlightening.

Above is my introduction excerpt for an idea I’d been meaning to write about and touched on briefly elsewhere and below is something of a preamble/intro page for the book I’m thinking of trying out…

A game of numbers

J. Nathanial Corres

Stare into the abyss

a singular silence prevails

In the heart of a dead star
A song of ages past and yet to come

All around, numberless

The lights of a billion worlds

Millions of eyes upon, but one, not the masses

To become one with the nether

Or to sing in harmony

Do we, in our madness

Could it be understanding

Clarity is such a subjective view

To that end or any other

We contemplate the mind of the watcher

Never consider our own position

Would, at final stroke, at last

Shall we finally solve the equation?

Dare we even speak its name

That’s where I’m at officially. Unofficially – wait and buy the book! Okay, all of this is under my copyright already, so no fuss. I’m thinking of writing the guide to the world of Hearts and Scales with a few added bonuses for the writing few. This is a fun project, meant to test the limits of humour and such and how people perceive creatures like dragons. For my end, I’ve tried to explore the forgotten aspects of the myths of dragons and the odd tale no one has paid much mind to.
I’m even wondering if I should write up Dragon Politics. Yeah, I’ve had a few years to contemplate or ponder such questions. It’s hard not to like or be fascinated by the idea of dragons.
This doesn’t even count the stories about Cthulu and all that other worldly being topics that I tackle in Elder Offensive. Over the last 4 years, between poetry writings and such, I’ve done a lot to finally write the tales/stories locked in my heart that were screaming to be told/written.
Now, to the fates and my own personal finances to pay off a good artist. I wonder what ever happened to being able to count on folk for prices other than a king’s ransom? Oh well… One must do what one must and soldier on..

Till next time ~

The Pirate Poet

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