Commentary and request for reviews…

Ah, so it goes…
Okay, first I still have a big axe to grind with big publishing over the “ marketable” – “non – marketable” & “proven” vs. “unproven” writers“. Talk about gall! They can push crap like Twilight and Eragon, but not make an effort for a good piece. They can throw out, arbitrarily, a manuscript – sans reading – and declare it unpublishable. Listen to people with fancy pieces of paper, but not the reading public. They can produce 50k of the same book with different proper nouns, but not a new take.
Thus, I shall support all independent publishers and artists I can!

Now,  a good friend of mine and fellow Brit is in need of some solid reviews. Me, I’ve not had time to get round to such extra reading – yet. However, I will, along with the book from L.F. Patten and a few others… whether they know it or not!
I definitely need to get Carolyn Kay’s newest offerings. It looks like prime fantasy fiction!





Above are 3 links to two people I mentioned above. I could mention more, but that would take a great deal of time and all… and I do have more blogs to write up! Needless to say, as I go through my paces in writing horror, action, comedy and such, I find myself needing a breather every now and again. I guess I’m getting old or summat like that!
Okay, keep an eye peeled as I will be announcing an anthology for the future and I would like some ideas on what would be good for a title.
For now, stay safe, read lots and never let anyone take your power!

~ The Pirate Poet























































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