Alternate realities and of course… the usual coffee induced rants.

So, here I am in the middle of writing a new series of short stories involving horror, comedy and alternate realities.
The premise is quite simple ~
What if the speculation of alternate realities and dimensions isn’t far fetched? What if all the poltergeists and ghost stories are merely encounters with an alternate time line? Or if they’re dreams crossing over from our other selves?
Title is still to be determined, but the opening poem is called ” A game of numbers ”
It details the idea of looking into eternity… of all things..

However, I shall leave that subject on that cryptic note…


Now for my coffee induced rants ~

What in the world is happening? How is it, that despite all the information to the contrary, people and leaders seemed bound and determined to re-create the mistakes and disasters of the past? It’s more than climate change impacting the weather – it’s the change in the social and political climate.

Next ~
How is it that even bots can’t spell correctly, let alone form a coherent line of even post eleventh century argument – and that’s a glorified child’s insult fight!

And don’t get me started on gun rights and all that! I must say taking away the means to be mass destructive along with assisting the mentally disturbed is a great start. But it’s only a start as other factors must be dealt with.


Finally, still trying to get the gumption or nerve up to head back to kickstarter to see if I can raise the funding for publishing my book series – ere long. I feel like it’s an unnecessary strain on the finances and too much of stumbling block. I may pick up being an all around artist just to move things along… but only just.

Anyway, for now ~
Do stay safe, sane and be ever brilliant!

~ The Pirate Poet































































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