GERONIMO! Happy Spring and all that nonsense… Back to work or mild holiday with benefits



Okay, so I broke down and got myself another windows machine and am currently breaking it in for use on the road. I’m going to take a writers break and clear my mind of all the tosh and waffle of life and the overlapping plot lines I’m experiencing.
Mind you, this is, but a bump in the road for me. I know I can churn out a good 50k words or more when putting me mind to it in a 2hr span.
So, Book 2 of the two part series for Elder Offensive is still in the works as new ideas have hit me like rounds in one of the Elite Wraith’s fire fights. Then again, book 4 parts 13 – 16 are also in the works as the Universe is not done with the great James Camden and the native, erm, Goddess isn’t through putting him through the wringer for a laugh.
Still daunted by the idea of cover art. It shouldn’t be that much of a chore, but there you are.
It seems I need to raise around $5k in American to pay off an artist for at least, now hold on to your hats, 2 cover renderings! This is on top of keeping up with mum, her cat Shadow and their needs. Me, I need a holiday with an additional holiday for the recovery!
I’m looking forward to working with Wolfsinger Publications as they are brill enough to get the likes of Connie Willis and Jody Lyn Nye – I can add to the wonderful world!  A Science fiction legend and one in the making ~ My heroes along with Professor Tolkien an J.K. Rowling! ( with Honourable mentions for Rick Riordan!)
I can’t wait for the readers to get full blast of  my world of horror/action Cthulu style with a comedic universe of James Camden ~ The pirate doctor!

So, for now, ALLONS – Y! And mind the dalek on the 4th floor!

~ The Pirate Poet












































































































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