New Years, COSine and beyond…


So, the New Year is nearly upon us. Me, I just want a few things…
1) Get rid of the American Congress and Senate as it is and get real people and not monsters and puppets. Mum needs a break!
2) To have enough funds to pay my cover artist – Seriously, would it kill people to back an indie author/poet? Even for 1 day?!
3) Mutual, international understanding and for the North Korean and other idiot leaders to drop dead so we won’t have to worry over nuclear weapons and climate change.
4) For the Alt Right to drop off the face of the Earth. We beat the Nazi machine once, we can do it again and more permanently!
5) For my next big project – Scales and Hearts to do well! Not to mention, I would love it if sales picked up on the first volume.. despite he fact that Epub form doubled the pages on me with no mercy and I refuse FLATLY to do anything further to edit the four story collection. I’ve already edited till I’m blue in the face and am SICK TO THE TEETH over the idea of having to re – format just because someone else is too THICK to change and accommodate my writing – * gets off soapbox and breathes into a paper bag *

I’m looking forward to having fun and sitting with some friends at COSine Science Fiction Convention – the non – big media one with writers and readers in mind. I will try and attend as many panels and such as I can and get the odd autograph and such…
Needless to say, I’m looking forward to giving a few things away for my anime club and all.. Cheers!

Okay, enough of the rants…
Seriously, if anyone wants to see what I’ve been working on –  try donating to my kickstarter campaign to get my ruddy book covered!!!

Thanks for your time… please, be safe, kind to one another and as always –
Be brilliant!

The Pirate Poet


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