Ranting to let off steam and gain perspective…

Why do I back or support the artists that I do?

© 2017 Jon Corres Pirate Poet

This, without a doubt, has been one of the nagging questions I’ve ever pondered. The good and bad news is – bad news first – that 2/3 of the folk I did try and support initially turned out to be mainly rubbish. I mention this first as the 1/3 that I find more than laudable and I still promote on numerous occasions are still as brilliant as ever! Also, mentioning the bad before the good makes the good even better in comparison.

The Bad ( if not outright ugly beyond description) – This 2/3 is made up of 90% egotistical, if not downright blinded by narcissism, people whose fans are made up of monosyllabic, catch – phrase ridden late teen to mid 30’s aged folk.

Mind you, I’m not speaking of an entire population in that age group.

I know one young lady – a twenty something – who would rather have her blood sucked out by leeches or tied to a chair and made to listen to all the speeches of Theresa May for an entire week without relent rather than read or view half this tripe I write of. Mainly made of catch phrases, bait lines and tag lines are the stories I refer to. Art in the form of a more visual media is nothing more than carbon copies with no real dimensions to them – never mind the musical expression where it sounds like a dying cat killing a pigeon.

It is said that American English is a pale copy of it’s progenitor British English. Well, I can honestly tell you that that is being overly kind! I still recall how, in France for example, there are signs that say “ English spoken, American understood.”. The grammar, I have no idea where their concept came from, the Americans – never mind the vocabulary.

Even the comments on the web page that’s for reviews is monosyllabic, anagrams and generally more tosh and waffle than actual comments on the work. This consists of ” Squees”,  ” OMG” and of course a boat load of over used ” so”, “like” and ” awesome” .

Trust me, if I decided to pull out the steel claws and let some of these so called authors and artists have it full bast  – I would have to write several review blogs of 10 pg’s minimal each! That’s how surgically precise I can cut this nonsense to shreds…

Now, on to the good…
The Good – This is the group I refer to as artistry unbound! For story telling, there are no media too good or not good enough. From anime to the written word – all means of expression are on the table and nothing is discounted or dismissed. No genre is anything shy of a challenge and a labour of love.
They tell the stories they mean to in the manner that it comes to them. They draw and paint from their heart – even with a subject in mind – and make it their own unique expression. People like Sam Stone, Sam Knight, Chaz Kemp and his missus Carolyn; They make me feel inspired and energised with their wide variety of work and depth of artistic impression.

… more next blog

Till next time…
The Pirate Poet

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