More questions than answers ~ truly, we’d love to hear the answers!

Okay, my American, Brit, Scot and Irish mates and fans – this is for you! Yes, you the cosplay people out here… Message me the answers and try to keep the candour to something above the gutter… honestly, I do know about freedom of speech. I also know there are better ways to phrase one’s self…
Here are the Enquiries!

What was the performance or show/film that inspired your first costume?

Would you prefer to Act, Cosplay or be a Designer – if you had to choose?

What would be your most challenging piece to bring to life?

What is your go – to fabric in a pinch?

Would you recommend subscribing to a sewing or costume creating magazine – which one if so and why?

What was the best and the worst audience you ever encountered?

Could anyone pigeon hole you into a category – say, actress, model, cosplayer, etc. or would you just refer to yourself as an artist?

I’ve noted that you both have done some writing. Is it just short stories or do you think you’d try your hand at or have written a novel/novella, etc. ?

What is your favourite period piece?

Who is the character you’ve always wanted to try, but haven’t had any time to explore?

Have you ever found inventing a character more fun that duplicating one?

Is there someone in your field or fields whom you refer to in times of need of knowledge or guidance?

What would make you hang up your hat and do something different?

Have you ever taught a class in this subject and if so did you learn anything new?

What has been the best/worst critique of your presentations?

Okay! Next will be the artist – painter/drawer/etc..

What would you consider a defining artist who influenced you?

Is there ever a project you felt too overwhelmed to attempt?

Pictures and paintings are worth a 1000 words. That being said, what words in story, poetry or a given speech have launched your imagination in to high gear with multiple renditions/drawings/paintings?

As you learned from either classroom or observation; What was your the lesson that stuck with you the longest?

I understand hands and feet are tough to draw/render. What would be the one body part you find a real challenge?

If you could describe your style, what word or phrase comes to mind?

What would you change, if you could or wanted to, about your working habits when you begin a piece?

Does it ever seem that you draw a blank on any given subject and find yourself pacing or doing something to get your mind going?

Would there be anyone or any subject you would simply never try to work for or render?

What is your favourite medium to work in?

Please: a nom de plume only for publishing if you wish your answers up…
Until next time ~

The Pirate Poet

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