Greatness or Ungrateful?

The difference between a million selling author and an influential one is time.

Can your work impact writers imaginations for decades/centuries?

Above is one of a few questions you should ponder while endeavouring to be a writer or teller of tales most entertaining…

Another would be ~
Does your work do more than touch an emotion?

Some others would be ~

Is your work a model of imagination or is it a carbon copy machination?

Can your piece span the gap between the ages of youth to refined elder age?

Can or does it make your audience do more than ponder the esoteric?

Will this be the cornerstone of your work or par of the main foundation?

Did you write this out of desire to tell a tale or win an award?

My basic reply to caring about awards and such can be made summary by John Le Carre’s interview on the American news magazine 60 minutes…

Pay attention to what he says about awards and such.. mirrors my feelings and thoughts on the subject  quite nicely. I tend to know and believe that the best of the best and those that aspire to be such, write from the heart and let the story be told. Nothing is gained by writing like someone else! You must find what the story dictates and what’s in your heart first and foremost. It’s not work or labour if you truly are the person in your heart doing what you love. Time becomes irrelevant and quality will shine through, always!
Repetition is fine for exercise and training, but one must let go and allow the spirit to fly freely within the circumscribed bounds of your chosen path. Who knows? You may find one that none have considered. Or , more than likely, you will discover the best way for you to put your tale, music or drawing to paper/canvas/instrument.
I will always scoff at the morons who believe in putting out a novel a week. Life, like writing, is never a race and the more you constrain yourself with time and such, the more likely you will be simply doing a cut and paste piece of work.
It may sell well once, but to the readers of the world if a pattern emerges of empty plot line and vapid cookie cutter characters – you’re finished.
Some times, it happens even to the best of us, but not as often as the pretend writer!

I’ll follow up on this soon enough.. Till then, write on ~ Pun intended ~, be you and never compromise quality for quantity!

~ The Pirate Poet











































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