And so the much unusual 2nd blog in a row… who knew?


Okay, so my two friends of recent years are now husband and wife officially ~ may we all be so lucky as find a soul mate in this day and age and be as consistent and steadfast with them as these two are with each other.
Next, through with the initial end of book 3 of Camden’s Follies…

A note to future readers –
This IS episodic and the tone and atmosphere are on purpose ( or is that porpoise?). The whole tale IS a send up of the old serial heroes of my youth from silent and early talkie films that came out weekly or monthly. Those were where the hero always got the girl, won the day and even had an anchor woman as a steady despite being a Tom Cat! ( blackguards)
As in that tradition, there are cliffhangers, inside jokes and such – Thus I remind all getting ready to immerse themselves that
1) Content and Context – read it all. Reading is like circumcision – either go all the way or just forget it!
2) I know when someone has truly read and not skimmed over something – don’t make me break out the inner Oxford Don, yes?
3) It’s all in good fun and the over the top melodrama is in the spirit of the original formulae of the films, such as Zorro, Tarzan, Flash Gordon, Buck Rogers, etc…
4) Yes, the villains are over the top and the names are inside jokes as such.

Anyway, now that I’ve vented for a tad – forgive me loyal followers – on to other things.
Now to pitch an anthology for serious horror or sci – fi/fantasy and steampunk writers to get into and even help out a few good causes and give relief to the victims of natural disaster.
I will have Elder Offensive FULLY done as soon as possible. Finding a good image for the covers is a MUST it seems as does finding multiple distribution sites and printing facilities. – at least ones within my budget.
And if you don’t like the cover art or where to get the books in physical form – TOUGH!
I gave fans and readers equal chance to have a say ad contribute to getting quality art for my book covers! Also, if you think you can do a better job writing – shut it and put out an original NON cut & paste book and see how THAT goes over.


For now – prepping for poetry writing and plot outline for big finish for Elder Offensive!

Read, be enlightened or refreshed, find inspiration and be creative

The Pirate Poet
























































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