Late, but still…

Okay, better late than never, yeah?

Writing and Reading Update:

Getting ready to finish a submission, horror genre, for a relief fund raiser for Houston – possibly Florida too… Well, Climate deniers – you had this coming, yeah? Honestly I feel for the people of Texas – southern coastal – Louisiana and Florida. You are getting pummelled mercilessly and the people in charge have dropped the proverbial ball.

I may start an anthology m’self. Just to be ahead of the curve for giving.

Okay, now on to other matters ~

It’s hard to feel alive when existence is all you get.
I wonder if anyone will learn to read within the bounds of Content & Context united?
How many times will humanity act like a hamster on a wheel, before they get it right?

Okay – enough mini rambling!

Congratulations to Carolyn and Chaz! May this dynamic duo find smooth sailing and friendly skies from this point on, with much great luck, fun and adventure as one could possibly experience!!


The Pirate Poet















































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