More on a talented friend…


Some more from a lovely lady and talented artist! Give this a shifty and BUY THE BOOK!
and while your satiating your reading..
Remember, Scales and Hearts vol. 1 is now available! Am working on getting the gang of usual suspects on board for a rousing series of tales about the world of Dragons and Humans! Look for the work of Sam Stone while you’re at he library or at Amazon, Kobo or Nook.. she’s another brilliant lass and a queen of the horror page!
In other words, there’s always a good to great book/read availablePlease support my future cover artists as listed in previous blogs as well!

Chaz Kemp is a treasure as is Willow Raven… Don’t hesitate! Support Chaz’s Patreon page and keep buying art and books! The greatest weapons against boredom, insensitivity, ignorance and intolerance!

The Pirate Poet * bow *

 P.S. For the lady from the book store

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