This is damn rough…


It’s the silence we all dread
Nothing can express the pain more than a look
Political types spew nothing, but diatribe and vitriol
There is no way aside from forward
This isn’t normal, nor is it a wish of any, but the demented and dillusional
All the wishes every man and woman could utter can never replace the day
Forgiveness is a forgone conclusion, none should have to bare more
Nor be slaves to pain, anger and vengeance
There is no triumph in tragedy
No victory in loss
All anyone can ask is;
May this never be again.
Innocence and promise will never lose out or be taken away, not on our watch
This should be our guiding principle
Tis a far better thing we do, live to propagate understanding and cooperation, problem solving
Life is too previous to cast away for a cause or make unwilling sacrifices just to keep a cycle of misery alive

All right, I’m off my version of a soap box…
Next time will be a brighter note, or so I hope

~ The Pirate Poet


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