Another Monday, a day before the marking of the end of a year lived and the beginning of a new personal year…

Essentially, on Tuesday, I shall be a year older officially. Just a notation in a long life I suppose. How I celebrate is a mystery to me. On the other hand, I should at least make it as special as possible.
Perhaps, I’ll have take away Chinese? Or maybe, I’ll be into something fried or Mexican?
I promised myself that I would do try for a film that day, maybe splurge on something fun. Truthfully, I wish that I could host some friends on that day. I miss the comradery and jovial atmosphere.
However, I’ve found that unless I’m an in person – those wishes are pipe dreams.
But I digress…
Editing on some short stories I’d love to be illustrated or filmed as an episode for the web are basically done. I do need to write or rewrite one or two more stories and then complete the epic Camden’s Follies 3rd book and edit the living Dickens out of it!

So, for now …

Live Long, Prosper and may Abundance, Fortune and Great Luck ever find you

~ The Pirate Poet

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