Still writing, NaNoWriMo and non offensive effluvia


Okay, so I’m still waiting on the interview sheets to come back. It’s early November, the American Elections are over and we have a giant alien Weetabix in the highest office in the land of America. Where is Douglas Adams when we need him?!

I’m hoping that this means – the lateness of the returns of the forms – that I’ve got a really dead bang, drop dead sexy and generally Hoopy, Cool and Froody set of interviews to publish in The Pirates Corner. Say, anyone want to suggest a name? A new name for this endeavour? Just asking.

As to my view on the American elections – don’t ask. There are definitely stranger things in and on earth than one can imagine Horatio. I refuse to hold my breath, nor do I intend to bury my head in the sand or talk about it to feel better – there’s nothing to feel better about.
History has repeated itself and now it’s a matter of time. Can the Americans change this destiny or will they choose to wallow in self loathing/pity?

Now, on to better and more fun news …
I’m waiting to find beta readers for my first four parts or at least opening chapters of the four parts for a feeling on entertainment value. I don’t need the grammar Nazi’s! Most of them don’t understand British English anyway.
My friend David Howe is pulling resources for a NEW Doctor Who museum! We an make this happen.. TODAY!









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