All the worlds a stage, and we are merely players, performers and portraers


Okay, this is going to be unusual – no! No aliens or bigfoot sightings. Let’s open poetically…

Day rises in the sky, night fades into silent slumberWhere, oh where do we find the moment
Before the chimes sound to announce the coming of the audience
Stars wink to brilliance, the planets align
A curtain will rise, musty and fanfare low
The Author alights first, time to introduce the players
Prime for the scene
Life is but the acts 3 on the main
Birth, where the strings and trumpets slowly build
Death where the soliloquy is read in triumphant tragedy
Tears are the rain the cleanses the stage
Ere, the next performance begins
Those two are, but the bookends
The trio that comes between are what the audience craves
Never more, a finer blink of the eye
For eternities wheel turns in earnest
Those that were once the Players become the wide eyed Throng
An endless sea of candles on a dark canvas that knows not the intermission
But the sounding of a divine bell

Okay – How was that?

Elder Offensive needs cover art. So does the Camden’s Follies first 12 parts, especially the first 8 that if I edit them more I might as well release the 2 books as books and not as individual parts!! Horror and comedy, inextricably linked for ever.
Still awaiting word on the Silver Scales Anthology for a green light… I feel like I’m awaiting a BAFTA!
Also looking forward to the question and answer sheets coming back! Also, may post an audio, visual or both round robin table or panel on YA fiction.


Till Then Good Reader,

~ The Pirate Poet










































































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