Hello all!
I’ve never done this before, so, I shall endeavour not to be overly boring. I’m a lad from Bournemouth England, born in a taxi and been on the move ever since. Officially became an author around 5 years ago. Published two poetry collections on Kobo two years ago and working on my first two series, an anthology ( with WolfSinger press I hope!) about dragons and a series of strange, but entertaining short stories.
I’m a fan of Anime, Art, Music – all but 99.9% rap and American country, reading, cats, dogs and quiet for he most part. My authoring influences include ~
Connie Willis – The current reigning queen of the page in Science Fiction, a role model and great person to know!
J.R.R. Tolkien – This is my writing mentor – an Oxford Don and great teller of epic tales which many have striven to equal but none have surpassed.
J.K Rowling – What can I say? The spirit of independent story tellers and a marvellous person
My friends ~ Chaz Kemp – artist extraordinary and a man wise beyond his years, Carolyn Fritz – the lady who turned me on to this * L * , Bob Toy – my Jewish brother/uncle, my little sisters from another mother Becks, Amanda, Charmaine, Kyrstin, Mary and Kitty! – You ladies have no idea how  deeply you’ve touched me with your support and patience!
I’ll get on with a topic – one way or another – soon enough..