Baristas, Caffeine and things not so relevant.


So, another day, another cuppa.
One brief mention – Nikia, probably my most favourite barista,  you have a facinating sense of humour.
Okay, on to  something even more off the wall…

I can’t wait for the election season to be over! There. I said it and I feel better about it.
Looking forward to hearing more from Carol Hightshoe on the prospect of my anthology. It’s been in the works now for 4 years officially in one form or another. Dragons always have held my sway, from childhood on.
So, I decided to try an angle I haven’t read about yet and propose it to a bunch of veteran authors in an effort to see how they approach the subject. I know, dragons aren’t new, but it is always a challenge to a fictorian to come up with worthwhile material that captivates and entertains.
Am working on my q&a list for the first run of interviews. I may put up an audio file or a transcript or both. You never know with me!
Linzi Gold has hr new album out – that’s the latest musical buzz I have. I suggest you get it or head to England if you’re not already there and queue up to see her and get a copy of the album.
I highly recommend Peanut Butter, Chocolate and Espresso blenders – delicious


Till the interviews start and I finish my artistic dealings for cover art..















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