Just a brief word or two

My cover picture includes the amazing Chaz Kemp, Sam Knight and Mia Kleve! Chaz is the artist du jour, Sam is a writer of no bounds on subject matter and Mia is a dab hand at editing, writing an a great ear to bend when stuck on plot.
Not pictured her are the rest of the usual suspects ~ Courtney Farrell, Marie Whitaker, Quincy Allen and Tonya Lynn. Writers, Fictorians and a cosplayer/model of no small degree!
In my time I’ve met many a famous writer – Connie Willis, George R.R. Martin, Jim Butcher, Mike Resnick, etc. to name a few. I’ve seen a fair few artists, like Bob Eggleton and Chaz at roughly the beginning of their blooming in their careers.
I can honestly say I’ve been incredibly lucky or blessed – depending on your point of view or bent and I can honestly say I’ve learnt a LOT and can say I’ve been influenced quite a bit by their brilliance. All inspired me in one form or another..
So, to make this long winded brief talk shorter –

Thanks Guys and Gals! I shall always be grateful for the opportunity to have met, and in some cases, become friends with some of you. And so I dedicate my passion and hearts calling to you lot… ALLONS – Y!

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