Okay, so I need social commentary?

In the world today, there are more people commenting than really doing anything. Once in a while, I’ll throw my 2 pence worth in, just not that often as it seems.

That being said – my view on editing;
I treat it like I would my old profession of detective – with Care, Consideration and patience. You can never get the plot from osmosis, telepathy or a cursory glance. That’s just rubbish! As to fonts – I’ve had to read everything from bog standard type to written in blood! There’s no room for folding arms, rolling eyes or taking an attitude or being combative about it. How many good authors and stories must find the rubbish bin before the printing press!?!
I have nothing against most fonts as I can easily translate even the pictogram variety to readable with a simple ” select all ” and going to the font section. In my hay day we actually had language and grammar books or we knew people who were bilingual and could assist us if we had a communications problem.
It’s overly simplistic to dismiss off hand. A really good editor will read a manuscript at least thrice so they can identify potential grammar problems or communication misunderstandings.
I’ve edited a fan magazine and had to review many a crime scene written piece of evidence in order to get a periodical out or profile a type of predator in my two jobs – now one.
I know this isn’t that easy a task – unless it’s up your street, comes naturally and you have a passion for it. Either way – none can afford to act the machine or cold hearted judge and jury. I listen to my readers more than a publisher or their editorial staff because the readers are the one who want the stories and read them. But that’s another topic al;l together.
What ever your art is –  writing, painting or otherwise – go with your heart, let the story tell itself, the painting guide you or the rhythm take you away!

Peace and Creativity be Yours!

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